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Sam Chalcraft is a Cornish born musician from the mysterious depths of southern England. In February 2015 he released his first self-titled EP and simultaneously kicked off his touring ambitions; having moved to mainland Europe a year prior. He blends his Punk Rock roots with singer-songwriter delicacies, reinforced by a powerful and occasional soft voice which lends itself to the ardent investment in both his songwriting and live performance. His second record is set for release in spring of 2017.

Sam Chalcraft, geboren in Cornwall, ist ein Musiker aus den Tiefen Südenglands. Im Februar 2015 veröffentlichte er seine erste EP mit dem einfachen Titel "Jack Roots" und ging damit auf Tour, nachdem er ein Jahr zuvor auf das europäische Festland zog. Er vereint seine Punkrock-Wurzeln mit den Vorzügen einfacher Folkmusik und verstärkt das Ganze mit seiner kräftigen Stimme und dem Einsatz von gefühlvollem Gesang, die an den richtigen Stellen sein Songwriting und die energiegeladene Liveshow perfekt untermalen.


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Singer & Songwriter mit eigenen und Cover-Songs

Singer & Songwriter from Wyoming - Folk/Americana

Doug Andrews is used to life on the road. Although he currently lives in Vienna, Austria, Doug has spent the better part of a decade splitting time between his home at the base of the Bighorn Mountains in Wyoming and Vienna. Though the destination changes from time to time, he wins over audiences over wherever he goes.

Doug creates an intimate, expansive, story-telling experience with his music, delivered with a Folk/Americana base coat (echoing his native Wyoming), polished by a smooth, blues lacquer. Rooted in the soul, reflected in humanity. Connecting through the tunesmith vein, Andrews has sponged the lessons left by those before him and continues to expand in depth and breadth himself.

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